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Gilmore Girls Fandom Box (Limited Quantities Remaining)


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Product Description

This special edition box feature handmade items by artists paying tribute to all things Gilmore Girls. Includes: "In Omnia Paratus" Necklace, Luke's Cozy, Where You Lead I Will Follow Magnetic Sign, Stars Hollow vinyl car/laptop sticker and "What She Tackles She Conquers" Bracelet. Right now there are only 10 boxes remaining. Featuring: Luke's Coffee Cozy Great for whether you are drinking actual coffee while watching Gilmore Girls or pretending it's coffee when everyone else knows darn well it's wine. But you know that you'll only have 1=one glass because only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch ;-) - Color: various colors with Luke's Diner Coffee Cup applique - Size: fits a standard cold or hot cup of coffee (about 12-20 ounces) Where You Lead I Will Follow Wooden Magnet -Stained wood Gilmore Girls magnet or wall ornament with the words "Where you lead, I will follow." with crossed arrows -Measures 1.5" X 8" In Omnia Paratus Necklace. Ready For Anything Necklace A one inch solid aluminum washer handstamped charm with a solid brass umbrella charm on a delicate 18 inch chain. What She Tackles She Conquers Bracelet... ⠀- 3/8" wide x 6" long, 14 gauge ⠀- Aluminum • Lightweight • One size fits all - shape to your wrist by very gently pushing inward on each end at the same time • All bracelets are individually stamped by hand, so no two bracelets will look the same! Stars Hollow Bumper Sticker It measures 3" X 4.5" and is made of weatherproof vinyl and will make everyone jealous thinking you have actually been there. Did you find the real Stars Hollow? Maybe you have, maybe you just got this cool sticker in this amazing fandom're not telling either way ;-)

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