Amazing jewelry and accessories delivered right to your door.

  No Stylist Fee.

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1. Choose Your Subscription

Go month-to-month or save with our 6 month and annual subscriptions.  Also check out our one-time Specialty Themed Boxes

2. Get a New Themed Box Each Month

Each box features 2-4 pieces of beautiful jewelry and accessories.

3. Look Fabulous

Compliments are complimentary with each #ShinyObjectsSociety delivery

Can I purchase this as a gift?  

Yes!  Gift certificates are available for our monthly subscriptions and our one-time specialty boxes make great gifts!

Why the #ShinyObjectsSociety subscription is great:

No Stylist Fee

A New Theme every Month Delivered to Your Door

How soon will my first box arrive?

Shipments are sent out about the middle of each month and one-time specialty boxes ship within 1-2 business days!

Join the Society

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How often will I get this box?

Boxes are shipped once a month, about the second week of the month.

Is it only Jewelry?

Subscription Boxes features beautiful jewelry and  accessories to complete each month's theme.  Our Themed One-Time Boxes feature both jewelry and handmade goods tailored to each box's theme.

Do I need a Subscription for the One-Time Themed Boxes?

No. You can order our Themed Boxes whenever you like, no subscription required. 

What's in the box?

Depending on which subscription you choose you will get 2-4  new  themed vintage inspired accessories each month.  .  Our Themed Boxes feature themed hand-selected goods of various sorts that are hand-crafted by artists.